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Hyperthermia at European Health Center Otwock "Bądź zdrów" (Be Healthy)
Hyperthermia at European Health Center Otwock "Bądź zdrów" (Be Healthy)

TV program "Bądź zdrów", shows how local hyperthermia works for our patients. The equipment used by the European Health Center Otwock is superfical hyperthermia ALBA ON4000 produced in Italy.



Due to higher temperature of the body, organism reacts with thermoregulatory mechanisms. In oncology specialized equipment is used to increase tissue temperature. Hyperthermia in practice rises the temperature of appointed part of the body to the range of 40°C to 43°C. With the used of this kind of technique and equipment, hyperthermia is considered very useful in the battle with cancer.

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Innovations in medicine

ECZ Innovation conducts activities in implementing and providing patients with innovative therapies that can increase the chances of cancer treatment and improve quality and comfort of life, with particular emphasis on the reduction or complete elimination of pain, due  the involvement and support of the Institute for Diagnosis and Treatment of Pain. This new initiative has been created and is based on years of experience and achievements of the European Health Centre Otwock Hospital (ECZ Otwock). Hospital is equipped with the latest generation and highest quality diagnostic equipment, such as: 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), 128 slice Computed Tomography (MSCT), 3D Digital Mammography Tomosynthesis, Digital X-ray with Digital Diagnostic Auto Image Stitching, modern ultrasound machine, and diagnostic cardiology equipment. ECZ Otwock has been recognized as the International Reference Centre for Philips company, which provides access to the world's latest technology in medicine. Department of Diagnostic Imaging at the Hospital led by MD, PhD. Łukasz Kownacki, offers patients a diagnosis using the latest methods of imaging for all parts of the body, including cardiac MRI, 3D BRAIN VIEW of the brain and whole body screening technology -Whole Body 3T MR.

Tourism Department ECZ Medical Innovations

Department of Medical Tourism at ECZ Innovation takes a professional care of foreign patients which are seeking the highest quality of treatment outside their home country. We are in a close cooperation with the European Health Centre Otwock Hospital named Frederic Chopin, which offers a multi-specialty clinic and a hospital providing medical treatments in the fields of: cardiology (including cardiooncology), surgery, oncology, surgical oncology, orthopedics, gynecology, urology and radiology, and even genetics. During the stay of a patients, we can provide modern medical procedures using digital diagnostic equipment and effective treatment methods which in effect decrease the duration of treatment and reduce any discomfort in the end. Our goal is to ensure that patients from different parts of Europe and the World are provided with the highest level of medical services.